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The Best Choice Web Design Company Ireland Has To Offer

*** We Deliver Responsive Websites As Standard! ***


If you are looking for a web design company, Ireland has a varied choice, from individual designers to large agencies; the choice is almost endless and often daunting. You are here because you need a web company with expertise to deliver for you. Whether you need small business web design or you're a corporate with a multi-national web project, you need to know that your specific needs will be taken care of at the right price for you. The DG Group has the knowledge and expertise to meet every need and has delivered projects of all sizes. Just take a look at our portfolio page to see the many and varied web design projects we have delivered over the years.

So whether you need a simple brochure site or you are looking for a professional web design company to deliver a fully-functional e-commerce website, your choice could literally make or break your web strategy.  

So here's why you should choose The DG Group to deliver a website for you:


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An Irish Web Design Company With The Expertise To Deliver!

The DG Group has completed countless web sites through the years and we have developed a thorough system for identifying your needs and then delivering them efficiently. Here are some of the key aspects that The DG Group will take into account when delivering your business website design.


Why Choose The DG Group For Your Website Design?

All the below points show just how important it is to choose a web design company with strong website design experience. However, you also need to make sure that many other boxes are ticked:

Website Design That Puts
The Visitor First

The main aspect of a website, from a visitor’s perspective, is the design and this is where many web design companies get it very wrong. Great  web design is all about usability and simplicity and not about bells and whistles. A good web design company will therefore walk a fine line between having a web site that looks amazing but also works. This is especially true in these modern multi-device times and that's why we provide responsive web design as standard on all projects!

A Great Website Starts
With A Static Website Design

Once the initial website brief has taken place, we will create a static website design for your thorough review. This allows you to see how your site is going to look before any code is implemented. Changes at this stage are very fast, so it allows you to review every aspect of the design thoroughly and quickly, without jeopardising your deadline.

Effective Yet Simple
Website Navigation

Visitors must be able to navigate your site with ease and without feeling overwhelmed or lost. Based on the complexity of your website design, we will identify the navigational approach that allows your visitors to traverse all pages in your site in the least number of clicks possible.

All too often visitors also waste time trying to find what services or products companies actually offer. We will help determine the best navigation mechanism for your needs, whether that be a single-menu structure with drop-down sub-menus or a dual menu structure.

Website Design
That Is SEO Compatible

Although the primary purpose of a website is to allow visitors to find out more about your company, these days even the largest and most well known of companies are taking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seriously. We will therefore build your static web design to be search engine friendly. Elements like footer links, breadcrumbs, shallow navigation and good use of CSS stylesheets in the design of your web site will ensure that the search engines can easily find and index all the relevant pages in your site.

Content Management System
With Every Web Site!

Where many other web design companies will create sites that need specialist knowledge to update the content, The DG Group provides a content management system with every web site we design. We do this because we are focused on providing you with the more important aspects of marketing your business rather than simply charging you to make small text changes to your website.

Multi-Skilled For Any Project,
However Large or Complex

The DG Group understands that corporate and enterprise web projects in particular can be large and often multi-dimensional. Whether you require skills in custom flash web design, multi language website design or website redesign for SEO purposes, we have the expertise to deliver.

Bespoke Coding?
No Problem

The DG Group is not just a web design/marketing company. We also have a team of coders that can create any bespoke web application required. So if you have a need for some unique functionality on your website or indeed a whole site that needs to be built specifically for your business needs, then our team can help.

We code in ASP.Net, Classic ASP or PHP (dependent on the requirement) and have delivered many projects of varying complexity. From creating weather widgets to entire back-end customer, invoicing and multi-user management systems, we've done it all.

We Take Customer Satisfaction

We work hard on every project to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. This is achieved through strictly controlled processes that allow us to avoid many of the common mistakes and ommissions that other companies fall foul of.

We monitor our customer satisfaction through an end of project survey that every client receives and are delighted to enjoy consistently high customer satisfaction levels. Read about our customer satisfaction results here.

But we don't sit on our laurels. Instead we continue to strive to improve this figure so that we can get as close to perfection as humanly possible.


So when choosing a company to deliver your website design, make sure you choose a truly professional Irish web design company that can meet all your needs while providing solid guidance and best practice implementation; in short, choose The DG Group.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the specifics of your project, please feel free to contact us.

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